My name is Leanne Shaw I design for the Web and Print. Do you need a website? I craft websites using handwritten html, css and a touch of javascript or jquery. I'll also use a custom CMS if you fancy it! I design clean, responsive, standards compliant websites focusing on user experience. The sites I create are great to look at, thoroughly considered and unique to the clients needs. My work is bespoke. No two projects are the same. I approach every project with fresh eyes and a bucket full of ideas! I also create printed goods for events and occasions. See some of my work in the Web and Print sections. For more specific information or requests please get in touch using the form at the bottom of the page.

website design and development for carrie shaw

Carrie Shaw is and actress and singer and she also happens to be my sister! Carrie was very keen to have a dark website, she also wanted a website that didnt look like every other template based site...

carrie shaw website example page

Artistic Direction & Graphic Design
Website Design & Development
Wordpress HTML CSS Photoshop

for Sarah Dale

I was asked by Sarah Dale to Design a website for her business offering Intense Pulse Light treatments for permanent IPL hair removal and Skin Rejuvenation which operates within the award winning Medusa Apothecary in Dorchester. Sarah was a great client she was open to ideas and suggestions leaving lots of room for creativity, while being clear about what she wanted and needed.

Artistic Direction & Branding
Website Design & Development
Photoshop CSS & HTML

for Little John's Preschool

Little John's Preschool in Leicester needed a website which was simple, easy to navigate and representative of their childcare. They wanted their site to be fun and full of personality, depicting their presence in the heart of the community as a place for children to learn, play and grow. With this in mind I designed a website with a fantasy landscape, a world of imagination where playing, learning and growing is innate. Signposts within the design reference the real world location. A community for children within a community.

Artistic Direction, Graphic Design & Branding
Website Design & Development
Photoshop Illustrator HTML CSS

for Dave Wall

Dave is a personal trainer based in Dorset. He came to me asking for a website which would balance his fun-loving personality and his professionalism. Dave was aware that his majority of clients would be women, but he also had a considerable number of male clients and so needed a website which would be attractive to both. The result is a clean, friendly looking interface with a splash of zesty, vibrant colour representing both the refreshing revitalising effect of exercise and Dave's energetic and enthusiastic personality. Built on an easy to use CMS Dave is able to blog to his heart's content and edit other areas of the website as he wishes.

Artistic Direction & Branding
Website Design & Development
Photoshop HTML CSS Wordpress

for How to Get A Job In Games

Website Design & Development with CMS
Artistic Direction Branding & Logo Design
Illustrator Photoshop HTML CSS Perch

for Poesy Poetry

Website Design & Development with Paypal Integration
Artistic Direction Branding & Logo Design
Illustrator Photoshop HTML CSS Paypal

Website Design & Development with Paypal Integration
Artistic Direction Branding & Logo Design
Illustrator Photoshop HTML CSS Paypal

for Willows Preschool

Willows Preschool in Leicester needed a website which was easy to use and could accommodate all the information parents and prospective parent may find useful or need in order to better support the early developmental needs of their children. The website needed to represent the (Ofstead) Outstanding Childcare they provide and simultaneously offer a glimpse into the fun action packed preschool day.

alittle Web Design

alittle about me

Hey there! I'm Leanne Shaw I'm 29, I'm currently living in the very centre of England. Specifically ... Leicestershire.
I design and build websites using HTML5 + CSS with a touch of Javascript and Jquery. I have been doing so since 2010. Prior to studying web design I worked as a knitwear designer having studied and attained a degree in design at Nottingham Trent University.
Being someone who loves all things creative I can't resist a bit of print design when requested!
I'm a thinker by nature I like to delve deep into a concept and think all around a problem as well as through it. I love shoes - putting myself in other people's while I try to figure out the best way to address their needs. This can be problematic outside my work, but generally it is a positive attribute. I love learning it's something I do daily.

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